F/6 was designed and built by the PSFA Digital Strategies Department

  • Kerry Gray, CTO/CIO
  • (F/622) Business Solutions Team, Unit Development & Integration
  • (F6) Kerry Gray, Unit Development & Integration

F/6 RELEASE HISTORY AND CHANGE LOG (Original Release: May 08, 2017) 

  • Version (February 12, 2024) Formatting change release
  • Version (January 31, 2023) Bug fixes release
  • Version (January 25, 2023) Bug fixes release
  • Version (October 5, 2022) Initial production release of version F/6 (2022)
  • Version (Jun 30, 2018)
  • Version (Mar 31, 2018)
  • Version (Sep 29, 2017)
  • Version (Jun 30, 2017)
  • Version (May 12, 2017)
  • Version (May 10, 2017)
  • Version (May 09, 2017)
  • Version (May 08, 2017) Initial production release of version F/6



Will Fix: must be fixed before next release

Won’t fix: means works as originally intended; change request needed

Noted: means an observation that may need further review and or remediation

Needs Review means problem is verified but solution requires more research


CHANGE HISTORY (Current Release)

Production Change Requests (2/12/2024)

FMA report section:

  • WILL FIX: Add "Parking” to the "Roadway" section so that it reads “ROADWAY/PARKING"
  • WILL FIX: Capitalize “Walls and Finishes” category (WALLS/FINISHES)
  • WILL FIX: Add acronyms to section names? For example, ROADWAY/PARKING (RP)
  • WILL FIX: Format and change "Walls/Floors" category to WALLS/FLOORS/CEILINGS/STAIRS (WFCS)

Primary Menu (left-side) dropdown “F6 Facility Maintenance Portal”

  • WILL FIX: Change label of "FMAR Maintenance Strategy" to “Strategies”
  • WILL FIX: Number and align the same as the FMAR primary list:
  1. Roadway Parking
  2. Site Utilities
  3. Playgrounds
  4. Site Drainage etc.
  5. Strategies

Facility Master Plan review section

  • WILL FIX: Number the questions 1-4
  • NEEDS REVIEW: Enhance section with complete sentences (provide language)

Contractor Oversight review section

  • WILL FIX: Number the questions 1-8. No numerical system as the first 2 sections.
  • NEEDS REVIEW: Enhance with complete sentences (see attached). “PM Plan Review Sections”

PM Plan > Safety review section

  • WILL FIX: Question 5 is incorrect as follows:
    • Currently: Does the recurring safety assessment at schools are conducted and documented?
    • Should be… Does the Plan address recurring safety assessments at schools and how they are conducted, documented and addressed?
  • WILL FIX: Question 6 is incorrect as follows:
    • Currently: Does the district’s records & documents include all safety incidents, appropriate actions, and responsible parties?
    • Should be… Does the district record/document all safety incidents, appropriate actions and responsible parties?

Primary PM Plan review section and other sections

  • WILL FIX: Can the questions be aligned horizontally even with the assigned check box? Currently 1 space off.
  • WILL FIX: Question 15 – Please capitalize Facility Master Plan (FMP).


Post Go-Live Issues:

Will-Fix: Changed fields in Performance Summary mainly FIMS Proficiency Performance Level and Calculated Score to use "Fims Quarter Score" instead of Fims Final Score.

Will-Fix: Bulk operations from Fims District to School Values to include Current Fims Quarter Score.

Will-Fix: Updated wording on several pages to match Fims Quarter Score changes.

Will-Fix: Reworded sub pages

Will-Fix: Changed the name of the White Paper page to FMAR Maintenance Strategy

Will-Fix: Changed Staffing-District Grounds Count value to default to 1

Will-Fix: Removed extra assessment date and Assessor fields from the FIMS form.

Will Fix: Layout alterations in Ticket 308932 

Backend Adjustments:

WILL FIX: Adjusted PHP values to allow for longer script execution times and more memory per script.  Adjusted to a larger nesting level for variables.

FMA (School Assessment)

WILL FIX: Adjusting FMA layout to better suit users' needs

WILL FIX: Adding a better printing option.

WILL FIX: Interior > Interior Doors > Performance is not 2 decimal places. WILL FIX: Systems > Equip Rooms > Performance miscalculates when Marginal is selected; should be -2.83 is 0.67. (ONLY IN EDITING MODE) in view mode is correct.

WILL FIX: Systems > Security > Comments watermark still reads Air Filters instead of Security Systems.

NOTED: Rounding errors two places right of point indicated rounding difference of unknown origin. Does not appear to affect bottom-line score to two places.


WILL FIX: UUID is missing the quarter at the end of the UUID

WILL FIX: Remove comment from MD Score

WILL FIX: Some of the Work Order data does not seem right i.e., New Req. Score, nonres, res, etc.


WILL FIX: Reduce field width of Schedule Types => 10 AND Schedules Running => Schedule Types

WILL FIX: Score does not populate

WILL FIX: Seems like Score fields should be calculating are instead enterable


WILL FIX: Help Description for Fieldset for FMS:UD does not show “UtilityDirect examination is for anecdotal purposes only and is not used anywhere else throughout the system. Results may be exported or printed as a PDF.”


WILL FIX: School ID 564001 has two records, may only have one.

WILL FIX: FMAR Summary Report fails on limiting by Role

WILL FIX: Why is FMAR Summary by Last FIMS Display an HTML table instead of a Vies Table? Table is showing invalid records (schools with no name or District) WILL FIX: Change Admins Only link does not work on FMA (All Schools) link from footer

WILL FIX: Hide "View Media" links from FMAR Report print using Panels.

NEEDS REVIEW: Fix date subtraction issue which causes FMA reports to incorrectly calculate the difference between December of one year to January of the next as "11 months" rather than "1 month". This error causes FMA's to immediately lock on creation when created through the end of February.
NEEDS REVIEW: Highlight the FMAR score in standard FMAR Score color-coding on the FMAR Report view.
WILL FIX: On Staffing models page, allow two decimals places for FTE (like 1.50).
NEEDS REVIEW: Improve function of “Expiring” FMA’s without having to perform a full Form EDIT; preferably from PUBLISH interface as Editable field.
WILL FIX: Auto email expiration notices upon the label turning to “not updated”; also 30-day in advance notice.
WILL FIX: Create an email template for automatically generating district notices that the District PM Plan has been reviewed.
WON'T FIX: Provide an historical record of District PM Plan updates going back to the plans Original Date. (not in initial release)

• Integrate Security Systems via moving Air Filters into a sub category of HVAC (IT). Put security criteria in its place (Maintenance). Review the assessment criteria (criteria is done), share it with team and field test it.
• Integrate the FMAR category white papers: 3-4 weeks completion time frame. As of May 24, 2022 these are 60% complete and progressing with a final completion date of June 30.
• Improve the speed of paging in the FMA form; especially from page 3 to page 4.
• Fix spelling issue on FIMS PM Direct Report - “Preventive” is spelled “Preventative”.
• Turn on content and search modules so districts can search and link to Major Deficiencies white papers.
• Either expand to multiline FMA comments so they can be read, and/or provide comment editing perhaps an editable field from VIEW FMA interface.
• Add address fields to the FMAR Report.
• Incorporate a “SAVE” feature for each FMA form page or use the “draft” feature so assessors may return to where they left off.